Skoodle Safe online networking for your kids...  like Facebook and MySpace, but safe!



Kids love chatting on the internet – sharing ideas, stories, media and creating their own homepages.  But most social networking sites are aimed at adults and can be unsafe for kids to use.  Skoodle (formerly SuperClubsPLUS) is a safe, social networking site for children 6-12 years, which actively encourages and stimulates children to practice how to be, and how to keep, safe online at all times.


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Super Cool SuperClubsPLUS! from Martyn Wild on Vimeo.


Launched in Australia in 2008, SuperClubsPLUS, now Skoodle, is the only safe social networking site for kids. A team of qualified mediators are online 24 hours a day, making sure the kids are communicating safely and educating them on how to safely access the internet. Each child who joins Skoodle is validated through their school by the Skoodle team as a ‘real’ child and the site actively promotes safe internet usage and anti-bullying behaviour.


But most importantly, kids love it!


Enjoyed by almost 100,000 Australian children and 250,000 globally, children can create, communicate, collaborate and learn with friends around the world.  Skoodle is fully supported by the Department of Education, the Telstra Foundation and Australia Council for Media Awareness.


YourKidsEd and Skoodle invite you to sign up your children (and let their friends know too!) … to establish a safe networking environment for your child! Memberships are available for Skoodle for 6-12 year olds, or its sister community Gold Star Café for 12-14 year olds.


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