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How The Government Plans To Tackle Negative Body Image

October 2009     Minister for Youth Kate Ellis today received an important report to help the Australian Government address the growing problem of negative body image amongst young people. more »

Girls Hung Up on Weight, While Boys Focus on Muscles

October 2009     Body image pressures are being felt in Australian children as young as eight, a preliminary psychological study has found.  According to the study of 101 children, aged between eight and 11, girls compare their bodies more negatively than their male counterparts. more »

Body Image A Big Concern For Aussie Teens

September 2009     A survey of almost 2,000 Australian teens has revealed that the vast majority have anxiety over their own body images and the unhealthy images being promoted, with only a quarter (27%) of Australian teens claiming they are happy when they look in the mirror.  A significant 33% of teens have had an eating disorder, or have known someone with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. more »

Video: Model Evolution With Makeup and Photoshop

VideoShow this video to your daughters!  It effectively demonstrates how an everyday girl can be transformed into the images we see in magazines and on billboards using make-up and photoshop. more »

Social Background Weighs Heavily On Teenage Diet

September 25, 2009     Teenagers' attitudes to diet and weight are shaped by their social class, according to new research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. more »

Too Much, Too Soon: Guiding Your Children Through a Sexualised World

Mirror GirlBy the Australian Council on Children and the Media     Today’s media and marketing environment is hazardous, both for girls and boys.  Much  advertising directed at children works by making them feel anxious about themselves, and undermines their self esteem.  They have to have the product to be OK. more »

New Advisory Group to Tackle Negative Body Image

3 March 2009     The Minister for Youth, Kate Ellis, announced the membership of the new National Advisory Group on Body Image at their first meeting in Sydney today. more »

The Big Issues Facing Our Kids

29 December 2008     Mission Australia's survey of 11- to 24-year-olds has some interesting insights.  How well do you know your children? How often do you try to talk to the teenager in your house about some of the big issues - drugs, body image, suicide - and receive a roll of the eyes and a quick brush-off? more »

National Media and Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image

05 December, 2008     Kate Ellis, the Minister for Sport and Youth today announced $125,000 to develop a Voluntary National Media and Industry Code of Conduct on body image. more »

Let's Talk Body Image

Tape measureBy Dr Natalie Knoesen    This article, written by body image expert, Dr Natalie Knoesen, is a must-read for parents of teenagers, and in particular those concerned with their children's body image. *

 more »

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