The Kids are All Right: Gen Y and Body Image

November 2010     Despite widespread reports that they’re lazy, overly reliant on technology, and vain, a new study reveals that the kids of our nation, Australia’s Gen Y, are all right when it comes to their body and beauty image.


Focusing on values related to body, beauty and general wellbeing, the survey, commissioned by Clearasil’s  Secrets of Looking Awesome website,  found that despite reports to the contrary, Australian youth aged 18—24  have a healthy outlook on body, beauty and life in general. 


Key findings:

• Exercise is in: Gen Y believe that hard work, including exercise and eating a balanced diet reap the best beauty and body benefits with 55 per cent reporting that exercise, and 35 per cent reporting eating a balanced diet are the keys to looking to their best this summer.


• Athletes over actresses: When asked who best represents both looking and feeling awesome, sporting identity Stephanie Rice came out on top with 34 per cent,  beating out Aussie starlet Isabel Lucas (28 per cent), songstress Jessica Mauboy (25 per cent), and TV actress Jessica Marais (13 per cent).


• Faking it is out: Fake tanning was reported as the least popular way for Gen Y to look their best in the hot summer months with only 2 per cent of respondents favouring this quick beauty fix.


• There is no quick fix: The results of the survey also suggest that Gen Y recognize that maintaining a healthy weight requires a long term strategy with 76 per cent reporting that they don’t have a swift solution for getting into summer shape.


• Not so vain: When asked what their biggest concern was in the lead up to summer, 36 per cent of respondents said that feeling tired and lethargic was their biggest fear, beating out body blues such as not fitting into last year’s cozzie (24 per cent) and dry and dull skin (21 per cent). 


• Friends over trends: When asked what’s most important to them in general, respondents rated friendship (46 per cent) and feeling awesome, inside and out (46 per cent) over having the latest trends (< 1 per cent).


• Communicative or coy? Despite being the most communicative and tech savvy generation, the survey also revealed that Gen Y remain hesitant to share information and advice on looking and feeling awesome with friends with only 24 per cent reporting that they currently and regularly share tips.  When asked what kind of tips they would share, 70 per cent reported that they would share tips on exercise with friends while 52 per cent reported that they would share tips on diet. now to join YourKidsEd for e-updates with new feature articles, links, and inspiring ideas to educate and enrich your kids! It's FREE!!